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Tarot confusion & Pulse, the cards don't lie!

April 30, 2016 I ‘pulled some cards’ which is what tarot users say when they do a tarot spread for guidance. Listen, I’ve been pulling cards since I was 14 and while sometimes I don’t see anything profound, rarely do I walk away thinking I must not have shuffled them enough or I must be energetically off or that the cards are just plain weird and WRONG but that’s what happened on this day. And, I learned a powerful lesson that has enriched my practice and my life ever sine. That lesson being, go with your GUT and you will never be wrong!

That day I asked about the ‘next 60 days’ which is a nice general lazy Saturday afternoon kind of tarot thing to do. I used the Celtic Cross spread which I don’t use as much anymore now that I’m reading intuitively but each placement has a specifically designated meaning. On this day, the cards were basically like “Your life is AWESOME! Also, you will fall apart, there will be death and you will have to lean on others or you won’t get through”. Thanks tarot cards, I think?

Let’s walk through the spread so you can see what I’m talking about. I was using the Wild Unknown Tarot deck and Guidebook. While I don’t need a guidebook, Kim Krans’ book is amaze so I went through a phase of seeing the tarot through her eyes which really enriched my practice, I’ll be quoting much of her book here indicating the quotes by typing (KK) mainly because this isn’t college and I don’t give a shit about traditional quotations or denotations or whatever APA style bullshit they’re coming up with these days (remind me to talk to my energy worker about my anger at my college experience). Anyway, you can purchase the Wild Unknown deck and book on Kim’s website here:

Here's a pic of the actual spread: