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This is my Mom ❤️

This is my Mom. If I could go back in time and give this precious little girl a hug I'd squeeze her and NEVER let go. We forget sometimes that our parents were tiny children at one time & sometimes those tiny children have a story to tell & sometimes parts of that story can be absolutely heartbreaking. If the girl in this picture offended me would I yell at her with impatience? Would I slander her to other family members? Would I shut her out and not talk to her for a week, a month or even years? Never. This little girl could never do anything to deserve such mistreatment. So, why would I ever treat my adult Mom or ANY other person for that matter in any way that doesn't involve complet

APRIL 2017 *FREE* Mini 10-15min Astrology reading with EVERY paid Tarot reading!

*FREE* Mini 10-15min Astrology reading with every paid Tarot reading!!! >FOR THE MONTH OF APRIL 2017 ONLY< All April videos will be released by 4/2 (this weekend). You MUST watch your YouTube video for your sun, moon and rising sign (if you know your time of birth) AND must give me the promo code from the YouTube videos at the time of reading purchase/booking. Go to YouTube and type in Jami Cheshire (two words with a space in between), there you will find a link to help you calculate your sun, moon and/or rising sign. Or, use this link to go to my channel then click "VIDEOS" to see all of my videos: The mini astrology reading will cover aspects in your chart of my choosing that will

WTF is Mercury in Retrograde?

WTF is Mercury in Retrograde? Ok baby astrology buffs here goes, and old astrology buffs listen up because I have a different take on this and if you just don’t care continue reading because this is at the very least going to be entertaining! The next actual day of MIR (Mercury in Retrograde) is this coming Monday 12/19/16 but the effects last for days before and days after. I can already feel it today. I’m pushing for my brain to think in it’s usual way and it’s just not happening. Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo so when it’s retrograde a Virgo might feel they’re losing their sh*t while a Gemini might actually be able to get their sh*t together. LOL! Ok, just kidding! It has very little

WHY Venus retrograde is ruining your life. *KIDDING* (but not really)

Goddess on a mountain top, making every man mad. You GOT IT! Yeah baby you GOT IT! ~Bananarama (now try to get that song out of your head I DARE you!) WHY am I suddenly reviewing old relationships and wondering what I could have done differently to bring about different outcomes? I’m an Aquarius for Christ’s sake (even though I honestly feel Christ was more of a Pisces) and Aquarius is all about the future. I just don’t spend a lot of time pining for “what might have been” so what gives? Welp, we have Venus in retrograde March 4th at 4:09am EST and she’s not leaving retrograde until April, 15th (2017, SEE I even care that someone in the FUTURE might be reading this and getting confused whe

It's a beautiful Saturday for the Tower card LOL!

Gyah, I just LOVE when I do my weekly spread for myself and it kicks off with the tower. This week's deck is The Illuminati Tarot which I got for my birthday. I'm reading the book for each card in my never ending desire to gain more knowledge of the tarot by hearing someone else's take on this beautiful ancient tradition. This take on the Tower actually brought tears to my eyes and stilled my foreboding as I know I am constantly striving towards greater personal growth: "you worked so hard to build so high, to construct great walls and create beautiful things. You attached yourself to them, considering them to be extensions of your self, your personality, your ego... That was your mistake: i

I Have a Thing for Genuine People

I've noticed people tend to be different versions of themselves around other people and while tempted to assume someone is "faking it" when they show up displaying radically or even subtly different behaviors depending on who they're with, I'm starting to think this isn't the case. In fact I've even found that certain people (in the words of Jack Nicholson in 'As Good As it Gets') "make me want to be a better person". I can even take it a step further and say that if someone is "difficult to deal with". Ok, take a deep breath and sit down if you need to on this one...but's something in ME causing that person to be "difficult to deal with". For instance I know people who are judgey


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