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Tarot confusion & Pulse, the cards don't lie!

April 30, 2016 I ‘pulled some cards’ which is what tarot users say when they do a tarot spread for guidance. Listen, I’ve been pulling cards since I was 14 and while sometimes I don’t see anything profound, rarely do I walk away thinking I must not have shuffled them enough or I must be energetically off or that the cards are just plain weird and WRONG but that’s what happened on this day. And, I learned a powerful lesson that has enriched my practice and my life ever sine. That lesson being, go with your GUT and you will never be wrong! That day I asked about the ‘next 60 days’ which is a nice general lazy Saturday afternoon kind of tarot thing to do. I used the Celtic Cross spread which

Evolutionary Astrology Readings, Tarot Readings & Psychic Intuitive Mediumship

Welcome to New Moon Astro and welcome to my FIRST blog on my NEW website! My name is Jami and I am a psychic intuitive medium and evolutionary astrologer. I aim only to be helpful as I use my intuitive psychic & mediumship (connecting to loved ones and spirit guides on the other side) abilities to guide you along your journey of expansion & awakening. Readings are conducted in person but can also be done over the phone, facetime or via Skype (local or long distance) & are just as powerful when conducted that way. I've been reading tarot cards since age 14 with a focus on traditional tarot card symbolism. Beginning in year 2016 I began studying under several psychic mediums to further develop


Orlando, FL, USA